I was clearing my inbox from old mails. One mail was from 2016, written by someone with a Muslim name.

By Maria Wirth

He wrote:

Seriously mam, did you think that, Hindu faiths and beliefs are correct, did you find anything good in a religion like Hinduism..?

My reply:

Parvez ji,

Yes, for me Hindu ‘belief’ is closest to truth. It details the absolute Truth: all is one Brahman (other names are possible, like Paramatman, Satchitananda, etc.)

Vedas claim (individual) Atman (consciousness) is one with Brahman (universal consciousness)

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Further, Hindu Dharma gives different people different tips. For the intellectually inclined, Jnana yoga is advocated. Others are more emotional (for them bhakti yoga is recommended), others like to work (karma yoga is advocated), murtis (negatively seen as idols) are personified aspect or powers of the One Truth. Everything in this universe is sustained by That. This means, That can be evoked in a form, to make it easier to worship for those who need a help to focus.

Dharma is most important. One’s own conscience is not suspended by any holy scripture. If something does not make sense, just ignore it. Full trust in That (lovingly called Bhagawan, or Ram or Shiva or Devi) needs to be developed, because that is the only “thing” (not of course a visible, limited thing, but formless, infinite) which is really real.

For me, Christianity felt hypocritical. Especially the claim that we are chosen by God and others are condemned eternally to hell.

Best regards


He wrote again:

Madam, did you realize that these Gods, of Hinduism, are really exist,, did you ever proofed that by even a single point that, these God of three heads and four hands are true… Did you can ever ask a question that, when did they exist on earth…

Parvez ji,

No, the ‘gods’ don’t look like this with 4 arms, etc. it is a symbolic portrayal – 4 arms means more powerful, 3 faces, seeing past, present, future, etc. Ganesh with an elephant head means wisdom and strength, for which the elephant is known for.

Regarding Ram and Krishna, they were historical kings in India and real ancestors of all Indians, including your forefathers. There is so much information about them in the ancient Ramayana and Mahabharata, and it surely was not ‘imagined’ like in a novel. Also, Dwarka has been found under the see near present Dwarka. People were highly cultured judging from those epics.

In Indian philosophy, the Divine is everywhere, also in humans. And it depends on how pure and refined a person is, on how much Divinity shines through. In Ram and Krishna, a lot came through, so they are called avatar, even though the Divine is in us, too.

I feel it is unfortunate that Deva or Devata has been translated as God. Deva means ‘shining’. The great one God is the one Brahman, and devas are different aspects, maybe more like angels in Christianity and I think also in Islam. There is no proof that Archangel Michael or Gabriel exists, yet there are finer, invisible levels and our senses can perceive very little. To find out, what is true, needs purity and vision and Rishis and prophets had this finer vision.

In Christianity, it is said, that we all have a guardian angel who is always with us. That means that there would be some 2 billion angels, if this applies only for Christians, and some 7 billion if all have one. So, there is no need to ridicule the many gods in Hinduism.


He wrote again and for the last time:

What did you think about Islam,,,,?

My reply:

It’s similar to Christianity, except that Christianity now does not have any more the power to punish heresy.

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