Life is immortal and eternal. The Earth, nature, and the entire universe is full of life, ever overflowing with life on different levels, dimensions and in innumerable forms and expressions. Though all embodied creatures must eventually die, as many more are continually being born. Death is a renewal of life, not the end of life, like our daily sleep that leads to a new day.

By David Frawley

Life in Sanskrit is called Prana, which is not merely the breath as often translated, but the vitality, life-force and cosmic energy of life and consciousness as a whole. There is a secret life power and presence that we do not ordinarily see, which is developing in minerals, exusts in the planets, stars, galaxies and cosmic space itself. Prana is the cosmic energy overall from which electro-magnetic, nuclear, gravity and more subtle forces arise, as well as all biological forces.

You as a conscious being never die. Your life continues in another form after the death of the body following the movement of karma to a new birth. You can also live beyond any bodily form, physical or subtle, as Prana moving freely in the Space of Consciousness. There is only one universal life within and around us, and if we are receptive, we can find that eternal life energy everywhere, Self-aware and full of light and also self-regulating and transforming.


As mortal human beings, we have an embodied consciousness or mind, but also an embodied life energy or personal prana. Our minds, senses, breath, vitality and organic rhythms are ever moving and changing. Yet behind our individualized mind, life and body, is a universal consciousness, prana, energy and expression.

True healing and rejuvenation of body and mind requires embracing this universal Prana, which is beyond birth and death. This process of integration with the universe begins with embracing the world of nature around us from the Earth to the sky. You are not simply chemical patterns that occur in the body or brain that can be adjusted merely at a chemical level. You are not just a physical structure or mental memory system. You are an expression of the universal life and consciousness, connected to the totality of all existence. Your current embodiment is just a particle and moment of your unending being.

Please take adequate time and attention every day to join in your true place in the universal life dharma for the benefit of all, to allow the universal Prana to flow through you into all that you experience, uniting with the life around you. If our awareness of life is limited to the physical body and personal self, we are just touching the surface of our real cosmic identity. We are not alive in our real universal potential.

If we understand the life as consciousness in manifestation, then we can find our true Self, the Vedic Prana Purusha, in all beings and in all existence and at every moment taking us beyond all death and sorrow. Life never dies but can take on innumerable forms or rest in pure formless Being beyond all time.

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