Astrology has always had its take on how the position of celestial bodies influences major events in the world. We spoke to some leading astrologers to get their take on planetary positions and when is the world most likely to come out of the novel coronavirus crisis.

By Anil Sharma

At a time when doctors, researchers, scientists, virologists and epidemiologists are working hard to find details, cure and a vaccine for novel corona virus, the astrologers especially in India are busy in trying to decipher causes behind the pandemic and when it is going to end.

Collins Dictionary defines astrology as the study of the movements of the planets, sun, moon, and stars in the belief that these movements can have an influence on people’s lives.

So what are astrologers are saying about this pandemic in which thousands of lives have been lost world over? We should be clear that the views expressed below are solely of astrologers.

When it comes to forecast or prediction on coronavirus, astrologers do not seem to be on same page.

Mahesh Bang, an Indian astrologer who is now settled in South Africa and writes for various publications in that country on coronavirus says, “This crisis kind of situation will take time to end astrologically and it is not easy to predict as the situation has become highly intensified on a global scale. Only divine intervention will help us to overcome this pandemic quicker. This is the time we all need to take care of the environment and do more introspection and focus on our goal in human life and on humanity”.

When questioned on specifics, Bang said that in July things will begin to see improvement when Jupiter will move into Sagittarius sign again.

He said that by the end of September , when the planet Rahu will move onto Taurus sign there will be significant improvement world-wide with regards to COVID 19.

Bang said “Last year on 25th December to 27th December, six planets converged in one zodiac sign and that was the most unfavourable position of the planets which caused havoc across the world with the spread of COVID 19.”

He observed that a similar alignment of planets also occurred during the 1st & 2nd World War .”Now it’s a health war,” he added.

According to him April 26th is also important date. “Astrology predicts, guides and gives us remedies. So remember to watch out for 26th April 2020 as five heavenly bodies, Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus and Saturn will be in exalted positions and will be situated in their own house. It means these planets will be in a comfortable and a positive position in the sky”.

“It is happening for the first time this year. And this configuration only occurs once a year. On this day if we think positively and offer collective prayers, they will be answered quicker and result in various benefits. The energy radiated by the celestial bodies around this time will will be so high that we can get the solutions to our problem.”

He predicted that India is sure to recover fast economically after overcoming this global pandemic.

Samvit Ashish, an eminent astrologer who travels the world over to address astrological conferences and is a personal astrologer to many top industrialists says that when Mars will retrograde on 10th September, and till 13th November 2020, the world should get the antidote clinical trial fully approved. When Mars will cross Uranus in the sign of Taurus on 20th January 2021, the world will be more confident that there is a concrete Covid-19 Antidote for mass production and when Mars and Rahu will converge in the sign of Gemini on 26th March 2021 with the aspect of Jupiter and Saturn, that will be the time when Covid-19 virus would start disappearing.

Jitendra Hada, a Jaipur based astrologer is however more optimistc of finding a cure in next few months. He is of the view that coming months are expected to bring about relief from Coronavirus infection.

According to astrological calculations, on Vaishakh Krishna Shashthi the Sun entered Aries on 13th April in the evening, which will be helpful in reducing the effect of the virus.

Aries is an exalted sign of the Sun in astrology. So, from April 14th, the chances of getting relief from Corona seem to be stronger than before.

“Medicinal results like cure or vaccine for prevention from coronavirus may also be obtained between 14 April to 14 May,” he said.

“With the Sun entering its friendly zodiac sign, the outbreak of corona will decrease in the country. Presently Mars and Saturn’s yoga is going on; Mars will also enter the Aquarius on May 4,  and thus the chances of getting rid of Corona is likely much stronger from May 4th onwards”, Hada said.

On May 14th, when the Sun will enter the Taurus sign, the effect of the coronavirus is also expected to wane.

He predicts that on 23rd September, when Rahu enters Taurus and Ketu is in Scorpio, the coronavirus is likely to be completely wiped out.