The operational control centre and other advanced system of RRTS are being completed now with the construction work of the Administrative Building built at Duhai Depot in Ghaziabad for the operation of India’s first Regional Rail.

By Arun Kumar Das

This building will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology, along with various modern systems, state-of-the-art labs, simulator rooms, central work and various equipment rooms.

This building is designed to have multiple rooms/facilities, which include labs for various sophisticated systems such as Automated Fare Collection (AFC) Lab, Platform Screen Door (PSD) Lab, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Lab, Telecom Lab etc., and Equipment Rooms Such as Signal Equipment Room and Telecom Equipment Room, IT Server Room, Bridge Management System (BMS) Panel Room etc.

This administrative building will also be equipped with a train simulator room, where information about the operations of the train and its system along with training on how to deal in real-time and real situations will be imparted to the trainees.

A lecture hall, conference room and library are also being built here for the trainees and officials. The basement of the building will also have a recreation room and a cafeteria for entertainment and food services.

Duhai Depot is part of the Priority Section of RRTS that covers an area of 17 km from Sahibabad to Duhai in Ghaziabad. Hence, the functioning of Duhai Depot is being expedited for the upcoming operations. The work of laying the RRTS track and installation of OHE at the depot is being completed on a priority basis.

The operational control centre of the RRTS corridor will also be set up at this depot. All the administration work of this depot will be undertaken through this administrative building.

One more depot and one stabling yard for RRTS trains are being set up at Modipuram and Jangpura respectively.

The interiors of the Regional rail train coaches featuring its commuter-centric facilities were recently unveiled at the Duhai depot. The coaches will soon be delivered to the depot from Savli in Gujarat. The maintenance and subsequent cleaning facilities of the RRTS trains will be provided at this depot.

NCRTC, through its ambitious RRTS project, endeavours to make the overall experience of the commuters pleasant and enjoyable and encourage people to use public transport.

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