Believing that by supporting the agenda of radical Islam they will somehow prove themselves to be progressive and secular citizens of modern India, these ‘liberal Hindus’ continue to peddle racist hatred against Hindus.

By Pankaj Saxena

The Ottoman Caliphate of Turkey is one of the most brutal regimes that were ever witnessed in human history. Isolated brutalities can be found in almost any region or kingdom. It is the institutionalization of mass brutality that was the prerogative of Islamic Empires like the Ottomans or the Mughals. These two empires often competed with each other, being the two largest powers of their times. The Ottomans, in many cases, outdid the Mughals in brutality.

One of the most representative cases of the institutionalization of brutality is the system of Janissaries. Janissaries were the elite fighting corps of the Ottoman Islamic Empire of Turkey. They were the shock troopers of the Empire and most commonly accompanied the Sultan as guards. They were most commonly soldiers working in various capacities such as archers, artillerists, riflemen and swordsmen.

But who were the Janissaries?

The Janissaries were not originally Muslims. The Muslim Ottoman armies would raid non-Muslim countries such as Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Armenia, Russia, etc., and would kill the adult males and send the Christian women for sexual slavery in the harems of the Ottoman Sultan and his officers. The girls shared the same fate as adult women. In any slave raid, the Ottoman Sultan would receive one-fifth part of the loot, including the slaves. This was in accordance with Islamic Law.

The young boys captured in these raids were taken to the Turkish Islamic lands. There they were not only converted into Islam but were so indoctrinated in the Jihad and Islamic fundamentalism that they grew up as fanatic Muslims. They knew nothing except the fact that they owed everything to Islam and the Sultan; that the whole world was evil and wrong and that only the Sultan and Islam were right. Hence, they considered that it was their pious duty to not only save Islam, not only to sacrifice their life (Jaan + Nisaar) for it, but also to annihilate anything and anyone who dares to come in the path of the Sultan and Islam. As the goal of any Islamic Sultan is nothing more than the absolute domination of the entire world, the entire world was in the crosshairs of the Janissaries, except those who were pious Muslims.

This system of capturing young Christian boys, converting them to Islam and raising them as fanatic Jihadis was called the Devisherme system. Sometimes the raids were not to defeat a city, but only to kidnap young Christian boys. It was a demographic Jihad in which the youth population of the enemy Christian countries was regularly depleted by these slave raids. The Ottoman Empire also ruled many Christian lands directly where the majority of the population was still not converted into Islam. The Devisherme system was also devised as a demographic Jihad to successively turn these countries into Islamic majority countries. The Turks became successful in two countries, Bosnia and Albania. These are Muslim majority countries in Europe.

What was heart-wrenchingly cruel about the Devisherme system was that the Janissaries were none other than converted non-Muslims. They were the first victims of the civilizational rape that was inflicted on them by the invading Turkish armies. Islamic indoctrination was able to turn the minds of the non-Muslim victims of the Islamic armies and turn them so much so that they became defenders of Islam instead. Not only defenders, they were the greatest carriers in the advance of the Turkish Islamic armies of the Sultan.

These Janissaries were forbidden to marry and were expected to remain celibate all their lives. They were also forbidden to engage in any kind of trade and thus their sole focus was the furthering of the fundamentalist Islamist agenda or world domination. While the regular Muslims were expected to keep a beard, the Janissaries, to differentiate them from the regular population, were expected to remain clean-shaven but with a moustache. Circumcision, as a necessary complement of conversion to Islam, was forced upon them. In order to make sure that they were properly indoctrinated in fanatic Islamism, they were supervised by another slave class of eunuchs.
The Ottomans were not the only Islamic empire to institute this practice, but they were certainly the most efficient ones. The same system was practiced by the Abbasid, Safavid and Qajar empires. They were called Ghilmans. In Egypt, they were called Mamluks and became so powerful at one time that they came to rule the country. In India too, there were many such slave soldiers in the Delhi Sultanate who were converted Hindus or pagans but who fought for Islam, and fought more fanatically. The famous Slave Dynasty of Delhi is a point in case. Malik Qafur was one of the most famous converted Muslims who fought with a zeal that was more fanatic than other Muslims.
That is how indoctrination works. That is how adept Islam is at this game.

Secular Hindu: The Modern Janissaries

Hundreds of years later, many thousand miles away, in 2020, in India, things haven’t changed much either. The secular liberal of the Hindu community ignores the demographic Jihad, the mass massacres, and the low-intensity continuous Jihad inflicted upon the Hindus by radical Islam. He ignores the heart-wrenching barbarities that were inflicted by Islamic terrorists on the streets of the national capital Delhi. But this is not enough. They are actually the primary agents who are spinning the opposite narrative of the ‘Genocide of Muslims by Hindutva agents’.

The Indian Secular Liberal is a modern-day Janissary. His mind and his body are captured by radical Islam. He is nothing but a slave soldier of Islam, devoting his life and cause to the ultimate goal of Islam: conversion and absolute domination of the entire world, destruction of all other cultures, religions, and civilizations in the world other than Islam.

It is true that many of these anti-Hindus, who are Hindus in name, are doing it for immediate benefit, financial or otherwise, like Swara Bhasker, Anurag Kashyap, Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose, etc. However, these are not the only ones. There are many individuals, sometimes a prominent public personality, sometimes an insignificant individual, who are peddling the leftist-Islamist narrative against Hindus. And, these are not ‘paid agents’ of any lobby. They are just useful idiots, who are ideologically committed to support and further the agenda of radical Islam.

Believing that by supporting the agenda of radical Islam they will somehow prove themselves to be progressive and secular citizens of modern India, these ‘liberal Hindus’ continue to peddle racist hatred against Hindus. Believing that bashing Hinduism in every way possible, bending over backward to appease Islamic terrorism and explain it away in some secular terms will actually prove them to be model human beings, they whitewash the truth and paint it with utter falsehood. Chanting the name of Gandhi in the most impossible of contexts, they keep reiterating their unilateral belief in universal ‘love, peace and friendship,’ simply ignoring the contrary evidence completely.
These secular Hindus, these neo-liberals, these left-leaning ‘global citizens,’ are the modern-day Janissaries in India. Though they are Hindu by birth, their hearts and minds are captured by radical Islam and Islamic fundamentalism. Using the terminology of Marx and the categories of Gramsci, they further the Islamist propaganda and agenda at the expense of the Hindus.

Taken from the ranks of the Hindus themselves through the agency of an alien education system, they become the greatest asset of the enemies of Hindu society. That is because who will not believe a Hindu who is telling the West and the entire world that the Hindus are engaged in a genocide against Muslims in India?

India’s education system, in this regard, is the exact replica of the Devisherme System of the Ottoman Empire. During the autocratic rule of Indira Gandhi, the Muslim education minister Dr. Nurul Hassan sold India’s education system to the Marxists. In the succeeding decade, all educational institutions of India, its schools and its universities were taken over by the Marxists. India’s textbooks were written by deeply committed and ideologically fanatic Marxists such as Romila Thapar and R. C. Sharma.

And as Marxism in India is fundamentally hostile to everything Hindu, History, Sociology, Political Science and other Humanities subjects in India were completely painted in anti-Hindu colors. Reading these textbooks, the Hindu children grew up believing that there was nothing good in their Hindu history and that Hinduism is nothing but a bundle of superstitions.

On the other hand, Islam was glorified and Islamic rulers were praised to the skies. The worst excesses of the Islamic Age in India, the mass massacres of Hindus and the absolute destruction of millions of Hindu temples, were not only whitewashed but completely lied about in the textbooks. Often there was not a single mention found in these about Islamic vandalism. When it was completely necessary, it was excused with some secular motive, hiding the religious purpose of the destruction of Hindu symbols, monuments and culture.

On the other hand, India’s fine arts and arts were also taken over by the Marxists. Film institutes were nationalized in the time of Indira Gandhi and they started churning out hateful propaganda against the Hindus. Sahitya Akademi Awards were rigged to favor the anti-Hindus, and the cultural Hindus who tried to portray the positive aspects of Hindu civilization were not sidelined but were punished. Great historians such as R. C. Majumdar, K. S. Lal, Jadunath Sarkar, etc. were sidelined and forgotten.

The Soviet Union ran pro-leftist and Marxist propaganda in India through its shops distributing propaganda pamphlets and books. Many of the Marxist intellectuals and institutions were directly funded to spew venom against Hindu society and culture.

The sorry Hindu child was bombarded in this way from every side by anti-Hindu propaganda and was indoctrinated into the radical Islam propaganda. He grew up to be a Marxist, a communist, a leftist and in these days, a ‘liberal’. It is no wonder that in this modern Devisherme system of Indian education, Hindus are born and brought up in hating their own culture and civilization and furthering the propaganda of their enemies, just like the Janissaries. This Hindu ‘liberal’ is a Janissary in this way, a slave soldier of radical Islam. He plays from the side of radical Islam, against the interest of India and the Hindu society. The sooner we recognize this, the better it will be for India.

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