The key to all cosmic mysteries lies in Mantra Shakti Sadhana, where we learn to weave our personal energies with the cosmic energies to understand the pulse beat of the universe.


Ayurvedic Healing guides us in a deeper reverence of the time cycles of Nature, prompting us to connect to Mother Nature leading a healthy, vibrant life. Vedic Astrology provides a detailed map of the karmic forces active in our lives. Vedanta teaches us the power of Self-awareness for Self-realization. Vastu shows us the right orientation to the earth and elements to protect us and our surroundings.

Mantra is the Heartbeat of the Universal Shakti

Mantra helps us embrace life as a celebration of Shakti’s Soma ‘nectar of grace,’ for it to always flow through us, so our heartbeats reflect the cosmic reality in our daily lives. The shakti of the mantra’s resonance satiates the heart and transforms our mind and senses into channels of spiritual vitality, delight, and grace. The sadhaka evolves her consciousness by unveiling the deeper symbolism of life, uncovering the limitless, timeless totality of the Divine Self.

Mantra is the heartbeat of the Universal Shakti, the reverberating spanda or vibration. The resonance of every mantra harmonizes our inner being, body, mind, and heart. The passion and sweet bliss of our devotional Bhakti invokes the Devi Shakti through Bija mantras, and shlokas, stirring the spanda to flow as the Mother Goddess’s divine grace into our lives.

The Bhakta or sadhaka evolves her consciousness through perceiving the deeper symbolism of life, searching the limitless, timeless totality of the Divine Self in its original vibrational Shakti. The power of mantra hones our finer intuitive skills, drawing us to experience subtler forms of our inner reality.

Ganesha Mantras

In Shakti sadhana we always begin with invoking Sri Ganesha, as meditating on Ganesha’s energy in the ‘muladhara’ or root foundation stabilizes our earthly existence creating and sustaining ‘sthira’ or stillness for the seed of all creativity, activity, and divine will to become our reality.

Ganesha mantras remove our worldly obstacles and adverse influences paving the way for his blessings to unfold prosperity, well-being, dhyana and jnana. Sri Ganesha gives us the wisdom to work through life’s trials and tribulations.

My innate sthira shakti allows me to live in sync with the rhythms of nature and its dance of the seasons, allowing me the experience of understanding time passing by and embracing all space. Life is a beautiful learning experience through the movement of these auspicious time cycles – spring, summer, autumn, winter. where life is scripted by a deep seeking of divinity. Winter offers us to darkness, ushering in the whispers of silence. For in these silent moments we listen to the gentle fall of snow touching Mother Earth in its soma showers.

Mantra and Devata

The Devata or divine being and the Self are not separate. The Divine rests in the cavern of everyone’s heart. Devi, the Mother Goddess, ignites the golden flame in the heart, allowing her lightning Shakti to illumine the intensity of its cavernous heat. Nurturing the heat of Agni in the heart creates the quest for deeper love, compelling one to experience the heights of Ananda Bhairavi in the supreme ecstasy of Shiva Bhairava.

As Ranjani, ‘the one who colours all things,’ the Goddess showers her devotees with immense joyousness. The shakti mantra especially Hreem, Shreem, Kleem draws us into the the presence of ‘Ranjani,’ pure joyousness resonating from the heart.

Mantra sadhana is not a mere exotic phenomenon; the mantra guides us in understanding and accepting our true nature and the power of all life. Mantra creates the ultimate repose in the reality of the true Self, an affirmation of the inherent purity which we hold within. There is no duality in the realm of Mantra; it is a deep nurturing of our inner reality in the sacred flame of the spiritual heart.

In the ancient sacred Sanskrit texts hridaya, the heart is the garbha, the deep cavern of bhakti, all love, compassion, empathy, tolerance, understanding and kindness. Mantra chanting must tap into the mysticism within the spiritual heart. The enrichment and expansive expression of beatitude is expressed through mantra invocations, puja and Devi worship. The resonance of the mantra shakti changes our vibrational fields allowing the Soma, ‘sacred nectar,’ to flow through our expressions of deep nurturing and loving care.

Mantra is the Yogic Transformation of Shakti’s Spanda

Mantra sadhana is the mystical discipline by which every experience is cherished as a reflection of the deeper energy of consciousness. The awareness in mantra chanting alters our vibrational fields allowing us to accept all things as the flow of divine grace, and in this acquiescence is our ultimate surrender. Yielding to this anugraha of Shakti holds the key to the secret door through which all divine grace flows.

Mantra Shakti is the Divine Power guiding us to spiritualize our lives, giving us a deeper understanding of our destiny and its sacred unfolding. Mantra invokes the Yoga Shakti in us. Yoga Shakti is not about the change of ‘Experience’ but the change in the ‘Experiencer’s Consciousness.’ Mantra develops the subtle expression, finer nuances, vairagya, letting go and creating sacred space in our lives.

Mantra Shakti sadhana helps us to develop self-discipline, Sattva Guna, inner power of clarity and perception. Only when we learn to trust in the universe can we begin to resonate with the universal shakti spanda.

Sankalpa Shakti and Ma Saraswati

Mantra unveils the sankalpa, the  sacred inner intent which creates the basis of all shakti sadhana. Yoga Shakti is the power to ‘Be’ and not merely doing practices mechanically.

Sankalpa is our deep resolution, determination, tenacity, and perseverance in achieving life’s goals through Shakti sadhana. Mantra Shakti is an energetic approach to the spiritual path through Divine feminine spiritual practices.

We should develop a sankalpa or higher intention at this sacred time for world peace and harmony. A calm mind helps nurture and hold the sankalpa. Manifesting the sankalpa allows divine grace to flow into our lives with the benevolence of Shakti. The sankalpa enables us to connect to our original nature which can also be a powerful healing tool.

Mantra is not colored by the ego. Mantra is the power to change one’s consciousness to transcend our ego desire nature. It is the power to surrender to the Divine will.

The mantra reveals the hidden power of speech and expression. Mantra dwells in the unmanifest sound that is the creative treasure house of Sri Saraswati Devi. She gives us knowledge and creativity, especially the inspiration to follow the yogic quest and the chanting of every mantra.

Om aim klim sarasvatyai namah!

Saraswati Devi’s mantric power allows us both to gain knowledge and to express our creative aspirations and what we learn in beautiful art forms and melodies. In our programs and retreats we explore and share these mantras in depth.

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