Many years ago in a dream, I saw a map of India before me as one can see it sometimes on TV, with mountain ranges and the Himalayas distinct. Looking at it, my heart expanded with great love. Still dreaming, I was surprised that one can love a country so much.

By Maria Wirth

Yet it was not love at first sight. Only on my second visit – intended as a stopover on my way to Australia that lasts meanwhile 40 years – India that is Bharat, showed me what amazing treasures she hides under her noisy and often challenging surface.

I realized that in Bharat an intensive, dedicated and essential inner search for what is truly true has been made since time immemorial. The findings of this search are startling and comforting to all humanity and they are also upheld by modern nuclear physics.

Those findings claim: ‘Beneath’ every appearance, including our own person, there is the same ‘Real Presence’ (or whatever one wants to call THAT which has no form and no name). It is the ONE SOURCE of and Essence in all manifestations. It is all-knowing and blissful – SatChitAnanda. It is indestructible. Weapons cannot cut It, nor can fire burn It; water cannot wet It, nor can wind dry It. (Bhagavad Gita 2.23)

To uncover THAT is the purpose of life and its fulfillment.

Every country has good people. But India has also wise and enlightened people, far more than any other place. They make Bharat what it is – a country full of Divine Light.

May this Light illumine the intellect of all…. Including the intellect of those who are highly influential in our times and who see humans as “hackable animals” without eternal Atma.

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