Periodic assessments of employees are a critical aspect of any organization. These periodic assessments of employees are also known as performance appraisals. It is a method of measuring the performance according to the competency expectations set by the organization.

By Sneh Kulkarni

Such periodic assessments of employees can be a huge benefit to both the employer and the employee.

Employers must conduct formal periodic assessments of their employees. It will leave a colossal impact on how productive and motivated their employees to stay.

8 benefits of periodic assessments of employees

Here we have discussed eight zones in which regular periodic assessments of employees can help an organization innumerably.

1. To set goals

Employees need the motivation to work efficiently. If you set goals, productive and efficient employees will give their best to fulfil their goals. Employees will be constantly driven to complete their tasks to attain a good assessment. You should set achievable tasks to motivate the employees to give their best.

2. To make people feel valued

One of the major driving forces to run an organization is to make its employees feel special. If you will value your employees, they will give their best to the company. Periodic assessments are a great opportunity to give employees a platform to show their calibre. Also, sincere feedback will help them spur better and smarter work.

3. Promotion opportunities

If your company runs periodic assessment frequently, chances are you already have the list of the most efficient employee to least efficient employees. Next time when you have a position that is to be filled, you already know the deserving employees. In this way, it’ll give you a better idea of promoting someone. It will also be considered a fair method, and harmony will prevail in the company.

4. Strengthens Relationships

Periodic assessments give you a clear idea about different employees and their way of working. You know your employees in a detailed manner. If you feel an employee’s performance is depleting or is not improving, you can talk to them one on one. It shall strengthen your bond with them and give them the morale boost that they needed. It becomes essential for corporate wellness.

5. Resolve grievances

There is no doubt that most of the time, the employers remain too busy to know what their employees are going through. Such assessments give them enough time to address any concerns that the employees are facing, or they may have faced. Moreover, employers get a deeper insight into the employee’s mind. In this way, an efficient platform to resolve workplace grievances is created, and emotional well-being at the workplace is formed.

6. Training needs assessments

Not all employees have the same strength when it comes to the workplace. All employees have different views, ideas, and strengths within a team. Periodic assessments can help you identify weaknesses or areas that require guidance or training. The employees feel good when trained to help install an ambition into them.

7. Motivates employees

Giving tasks to accomplish and goals to fulfil gives the employees their dose of motivation. Either teams or a motivated person will always strive to perform their best to get a satisfying performance appraisal.

8. Improves overall performance

When it comes to an organization, its performance can be determined as a whole and not based on individual employees. If you take out time to analyse the work produced by your team, you will find the areas that your organization is lacking and areas where you are the best. Working on its basis will help your organization perform even better each time.

Final Thoughts

Periodic assessments are an opportunity to not only discuss the work of employees, but also get insights about their behaviour and working styles. It shall help you strengthen the bonds between people and will improve overall workplace performance.

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