CAA is neither unconstitutional, nor does it undermine national interests. The protest across the country is a ploy by anti-India elements that could include some political parties with an evil agenda to destabilize the nation

 By S.Neyalasinger

India was divided into two in 1947, just because Mohammed Ali Jinnah wanted a separate country for Muslims. Thanks to Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi, a lot of Muslims chose to stay back in India even when they had a choice to go live in Pakistan. Since then, Congress, the communists and a host of regional parties have nurtured the Muslim community as a vote bank. They have appeased them, stayed away from passing laws that affect their lives and allowed them to practice their own civil code as opposed to a uniform civil code that guarantees equal rights to all the citizens of the country.

Today, we are seeing nationwide protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and most of the protesters don’t even seem to understand the implications of the legislation. From various reports that have been coming in it’s obvious that these protests were well planned and political parties that form the opposition instigated these protests. Many of the protesters the police rounded up in Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Millia Islamia were not even students and the police disclosed that these protests and vandalism were well planned. In a Delhi suburb a mob, mostly Bangladeshi illegal immigrants vandalized public property. The uprising against CAA is a well calculated and organized protest against the government. Bengal CM, Mamta Bannerjee who will go to any extent to appease her Muslim vote bank, irrespective of whether they are Indian citizens or Bangladeshi, illegal immigrants also took out a massive rally to protest CAA and NRC. Today, Ramachandra Guha, that `historian’ with leftist leanings who has mostly written eulogies for the Nehru and `Gandhi’ families, rather than record history objectively was also arrested by police for leading a protest in Bangalore.

The leftist lobby is confusing things and obfuscating the truth by tying up CAA with NRC.  There is very little linkage between CAA and NRC. CAA allows certain minority communities to seek Indian citizenship while NRC’s objective is to ensure that only Indian citizens get the privileges they are entitled to which could include residence in India, voting rights, employment rights, property ownership among others. It’s an instrument the government is using to weed out illegal immigrants. Today India has hundreds of thousand of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh who have infested states like Assam and Bangladesh and also our major cities like Delhi, Kolkota, Mumbai and Bangalore. They are availing employment opportunities at the expense of legal Indian citizens and this should stop. If these illegal aliens are proliferating it’s because the previous governments we have had at the centre just dragged their feet on the issue and let things go. Applying NRC across India will help us identify the illegal immigrants and deport them.

CAA on the other hand will help persecuted minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh acquire Indian citizenship. Their numbers are far less compared to the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh we are hosting today.  CAA is right in not including Muslims in its list as all the three countries it has identified are Muslim majority countries and two of them were carved out of pre-independence India specially for them. Moreover, India has no obligation to provide refuge to the likes of  Rohingyas, Uighurs, Balochs and Sindhi muslims from Pakistan.

We wonder what our left liberals are protesting against? Do they want us to throw our borders open for all kinds of refugees like Europe did for Syrian refugees a couple of years ago?

We believe that the government is right in dealing firmly with the CAA protests. They are clearly anti-Indian and part of a political ploy by anti-India interests to destabilize our nation.