Wouldn’t it be transformative to all that we know if we could access Cosmic Intelligence directly within ourselves to access the real truth of who we are as individuals and as a species?

It would bring about yet a greater revolution in knowing than our new information technology, granting us inner peace and happiness as well as tremendous new insights, helping us to overcome our personal and social problems that are increasing today and challenging to all of us.

By Dr David Frawley

Yoga and Cosmic Intelligence

Yoga traditions aim at contacting Cosmic Intelligence directly by deep meditation and Samadhi, the yogic unity consciousness when the mind is silent. This provides us an inner form of knowing rooted in cosmic sources of creativity and insight beyond the limitations of our outer minds and senses. This is the basis of Yoga as the realization of the Self and Seer of the entire universe (Purusha).

How to reach that unitary state is explained experientially in Yoga and Vedantic texts, notably Nondual (Advaitic) teachings. It is not a mere theoretical knowledge but a revolution at the very core of who we are, taking us from the human to the universal as our Self-identity.

The Vedic view of the human being is that we are inherently part of Cosmic Consciousness Intelligence, not simply biological phenomena or chance products of natural evolution in the Darwinian sense.

Each human being holds the seed of cosmic intelligence as the basis of our deeper Self-awareness. Higher Yoga practices awaken that seed within us. If we learn how to return our awareness to our Inner Being, our higher Self or Atman, we can enable that Cosmic Intelligence to unfold within us in a creative and transformative manner to restore our connection to the universe and nature as a whole.

Cosmic Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence

What we call Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not an intrinsic intelligence or product of nature or have its own existence in the universe. AI, like any computer, is another product of the human intellect, something we have programmed and given a database to. It can extend our capacities in many ways outwardly but can be limited by our worldview, motivation, values, even  ambitions and prejudices.

Cosmic Intelligence is based upon the Infinite and Eternal and can never be reduced to any computer, data base, formula or algorithm. The development of Artificial Intelligence in science and technology cannot substitute for the inner quest for Cosmic Intelligence in meditation.

Only Cosmic Intelligence can teach us the ultimate meaning of life, not just one human incarnation but the entire cycle of birth and death, and our ultimate goal of immortality. It reveals the highest potential of Consciousness within us, in which we can transcend body, mind and machine and enter into the supreme Transcendence, from which the universe arises and into which the universe returns.

The search for Cosmic Intelligence and Self-realization has always been with us as experiential spirituality and meditation-based mysticism, and will remain as it is the real search for our true inner being, peace and bliss beyond all death and sorrow. Vedic and Yogic teachings can be accessed for this inner exploration, including texts, traditions and teachers, with special approaches to mantra, meditation and sadhana based practices.

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