The Covid 19 crisis is making enterprises around the country explore remote working or Work from Home models to stay productive, cost effective and profitable. The effect is most felt in personal healthcare.

By Sneh Kulkarni

Corona Virus spread across the globe has affected everyone. The nature of the virus has been such that the majority of the knowledge workers have been forced to work remotely.

Remote working is likely to become a mainstream mode of working. From being used to deliver demand from conventional office spaces , the traditional way of operating forcing many to adapt to newer rules and regulations which everyone need to follow for maintaining social distancing.

For the vast majority however, remote work is a win-win, because the employee can move to a location of choice and save money in their cost of living, thus giving the employer lower costs, higher productivity and lower attrition.

As we approach the limits to growth in a new global era, we are clearly not sure of what’s coming after the lock-down. As things stand, we have no way of dealing with the uncertainties of the new global era that is upon us. Further, being on the perimeter of the global order, without a seat at the high table, India Inc struggles with the freshly redefined work culture – of working from home.

It’s for this reason that more human resource managers globally are turning to personalized healthcare — to pivot healthcare that is specific to their employee needs. From psychological profiling to evaluate the emotional intelligence of a pre-hire, for instance, often helps them solve their “mindset mysteries” and prevent a lapse in productivity.

An essential focus on emotional well-being of the knowledge workers that drive the organization has become a priority, particularly as employees suffer trauma. Human resource entities therefore are prioritizing on addressing employee’s psychological stress.

Integrated Personalized Healthcare Management evolves into the mainstream functions of organisations, the remote work revolution predicts further possibilities and is here to for the long run. Thus compelling every organisation to make new strategic choices and that focuses on the pressing need of taking care of their employees mental health and emotional well-being.