The leftists started a culture that sparks violence in campuses like the recent JNU incident. It’s time we cleansed our universities of left liberals and bring in neutral teachers and create a politically neutral culture in our educational and research institutions

 By S.Neyalasinger

 The violence in JNU that occurred recently shows how our politics is vitiating campuses. Colleges should be places that dispense education, culture, and bonhomie while energizing young minds to innovate, create and contribute to the society they are part of.

JNU is a clear example of how our educational institutes should not be run. It has a tradition of leftist thought and a way of vitiating young minds. Most youngsters who make it to JNU are fairly open. But the atmosphere there corrupts them, draws them towards anti-national ideologies and even turn to violence to benefit certain vested interests.

While the so called web rags such as and are blaming the recent attacks on Akhila Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) other reports show that JNUSU leader Aishe Ghosh and her supporters have been booked for attacking the security personnel in JNU and vandalizing the server room on January 4th. While ABVP has flatly denied its involvement in the attacks, the police need to probe further and find out who were responsible for the attacks.

What this incident tells us is that we need an overhaul of our entire education system. Institutions like JNU have become hotbeds of leftist thought. The lecturers out their preach hatred towards our culture and our country instead of teaching the students to develop rational thought and love for their country. They are poisoning young minds and breeding a bunch of anti-nationals. What’s needed is an audit of universities like JNU where academics are screened for their political affiliations and a curriculae that is ideology agnostic and allows youngsters to get the education they need. And this is an exercise the government should carry out across institutions and ensure that youngsters are not corrupted with various ideologies during their formative years.

The sad part of the narrative is that successive congress governments over the last seventy years have let all our institutions get corrupted by leftist thought and ideology. They have encouraged insurgency and anti-nationalism. They have allowed ideologies like Naxalism to flourish. It’s time we weaned our youngsters away from this path.

Leftist thought and ideology has always thrived on violence, coercion and indoctrination. Over the last five years we have seen a resurgence of nationalism and that’s not going down well with leftists who are deeply entrenched in our society. In their desperation they are instigating students to violence and trying to change the narrative.

It’s time the government profiled and audited our various government funded educational institutions like JNU, FTI etc. which are being funded with precious taxpayers’ money and closed down some of those which are not delivering adequate number of professionals who are employable and an asset to the society. The other issue is that most of our other institutions funded by the government like DRDO, IISc etc. are also run by people with a leftist orientation. It’s time we scanned them for people with leftist affiliations and cleansed these places.

While doing all these we need to get our law enforcement in place. Violence on campuses is unacceptable and students who are prone to participate or organize violent attacks should be dealt with an iron fist.