I have been writing for some years about 2020 as indicating the beginning of a “New Time of Troubles” for humanity, dangerous from 2020-2028, but continuing long beyond that. This relates astronomically to the Winter Solstice point transiting the Galactic Center in the constellation of Sagittarius. It is difficult to determine exactly owing to large gas clouds around the Galactic Center, and as it is slowly moving its effects may last for decades.

By Dr David Frawley

2020-2021 marked the transit of Ketu, the South Node of the Moon or Tail of the Serpent, one of the two eclipse points, over this same region of the Galactic Center, which is located in the Vedic Lunar Constellation or Nakshatra of Mula ruled by Ketu, and relates to the cosmic force of Nirriti, indicating danger, conflict, destruction, and yet the promise of transformation and new birth. Such challenging influences will remain for some time.


To put this current transit of the Winter Solstice on the Galactic Center into perspective, the last solstice transit of the Galactic Center occurred around 12,900 years ago, when the Summer Solstice crossed it, and the Winter Solstice transited the point opposite the Galactic Center in early Gemini and Orion.

This Summer Solstice Galactic Center transit correlated to the beginning of the cataclysmic Younger Dryas Era that marked the dramatic end of the Ice Age, after which sea levels rose 400 feet higher than they had been in the Ice Age. Numerous animal species went extinct, including most of the mega fauna or giant mammals of the Ice Age; a pralaya or period of dissolution in Hindu thought.

Humanity  underwent a period of disruption and dispersion globally. When the Younger Dryas ended around 11,600 years ago (9600 BCE), humanity entered a new period of development that slowly formed the basis of the ancient civilizations that formed the basis of our civilization today. However, because of the dramatic and powerful changes that occurred during this Younger Dryas period, much still remains uncertain about its details or its remains.

Graham Hancock’s recent Netflix Series “Ancient Apocalypse” portrays the possible events and aftermath of the Younger Dryas and the important issues involved, and much scientific work is being done on these topics in various countries.


The question whether our current era when the Winter Solstice transits the Galactic Center will have the same cataclysms as the Younger Dryas and its Summer Solstice transit 12,900 years ago. Obviously, the global situation was very different then, though there are many stories of ancient civilizations that existed before a great flood, such as Atlantis, which many have associated with the Younger Dryas events.

The Hindu Puranas speak of an earlier humanity or Manu Chakshusa, before the current humanity or Manu Vivaswan that began long ago with a great deluge. Manu Vivaswan was a flood figure, like many of the ancient world, and had the seven Rishis along with him in his ship to carry the Vedic. knowledge to the surviving humanity.

Humanity is in a very different time with our new technology today, but also a time of increasing crisis, a time of karmic reckoning, which Mula Nakshatra, in which the Galactic Center is located in, is noted for in Vedic astrological indications, connected to Nirriti forces of dissolution and Kali energy of time transformation.


Humanity is under the rule of natural and cosmic forces, as we are but one creature in this vast universe. We cannot make our own history apart from nature, the Earth, atmosphere and celestial influences. Besides its benefits, our information technology civilization has dangers arising from our dissociation from nature, ecological imbalances, artificial lifestyles and societal disruptions, particularly when we fail to implement the powerful technology with wisdom. With 2022 ending, we are facing a new threat of a World War in Ukraine and the most pronounced global conflict since World War II.

Note that I am not making any predictions of specific catastrophes but great changes are inevitable for the rest of the century. Nor am I trying to blame one country, political view or trend of thought for our problems, though human arrogance and efforts to control and exploit both nature and other people are increasing in many areas.

My point is that we need to recognize and honor these cosmic time forces and our small place within the greater universe that we should strive to serve, rather than try to rule over. We need to humble ourselves before the greater Self-aware universe, its Divine energies and powers of  Cosmic Intelligence. We should once more look to these to guide us as the ancients did, as indigenous people still do, and as yogic and dharmic traditions ask us to.

Otherwise, we may be inviting more calamities both in the outer world and within us. Certainly, nature is not happy with us today and rightfully so. But if we can change our view of the universe from material exploitation to the search for the cosmic Self and unity with all, then such dangers can be avoided or reduced, and a new Planetary Age can become possible.

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